Accountancy, GST, Payroll and Tax

This home based service at 100 Crosby Road Chartwell Hamilton has easy parking and a professional office and waiting room. Phil Young provides valuable business structure advice plus accountancy, GST, Payroll and Tax services to clients.

Business Consultancy and Farming

With more than 30 years accountancy and personal business experience Phil is a valuable member of any business team whether small or medium. He has a Bachelor in Agriculture and Bachelor of Business and enjoys working with businesses, orchards and farms.

Family Trusts and Business Structures

Business Structure is important because of the advantages it can bring to your business situation and operating as a Trust or Company can be a valuable tool for clients. Sometimes operating as a Sole trader is the simplest and easiest thing to do. Other times a partnership is necessary. However most clients operate Companies because of their advantages such as not being held personally liable and the ease of splitting income for tax purposes. Some people form Family Trusts as an integral part of their business set up. Companies can be owned by individuals and/or Family Trusts. Phil prefers to not trade Trusts and likes to use a Company owned by the Family Trust to trade, rather than trade the Family Trust itself. That way you create a safe haven in the trust and the only business activity for the trust is owning shares and providing capital to the Company. Current law changes make your business structure even more important.

Succession Planning and Venture Capital

With more than 30 years personal business experience Phil is able to appraise business ventures for the risks and rewards. Phil has personally managed businesses to become more efficient and profitable. Whether you require entrepreneurship or capital Progressive Accountants can help clients make important decisions. Due diligence is a very important part of appraising any business opportunity and Progressive Accountants provides practical and pragmatic advice. Some advisors don’t understand business risks and safeguards as well as Phil. Sometimes a sounding board or checking over contracts and what they mean is the best thing you can do before you begin a new business and can save you heartache and worry.